Who We Are

Clothing 360 Organization is a nonprofit, non-government organization (NGO) in Nigeria. Clothing 360, as the name denotes, is a complete coverage of everything about clothing production in Nigeria from cotton to retail...

Why We Exist

At Clothing 360, we believe in possibilities; that a thing will only seem impossible until it is done. As such, we believe Nigeria can become the preferred emerging hub for production and global export of quality affordable Ready-Made Garments (RMG)...

What We Do

Our role is to stimulate and coordinate concerted effort to organize and develop Nigeria’s RMG industry, and by extension the nation’s CTG value chain. Clothing 360 is advocating a paradigm shift in Nigeria’s approach to industrializing the CTG value chain...

How We Work

We articulated a viable and innovative implementation strategy to stimulate the concerted effort necessary for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) of Nigeria’s CTG value Chain...
Many may think
our vision is overly ambitious,
but as Nelson Mandela said:

"It always seems impossible
until it's done."