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Clothing 360 Organization has a Board of Trustees (BoT) comprising two (2) members.
Ekong Godfrey Etim
Ekong Godfrey Etim, BSc, LLB, BL – Legal & Regulatory Advisory

Ekong Etim is an attorney with extensive experience in the practice areas of Company and Investment Laws, Corporate Finance, Securities and Capital Market Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions, Privatization and Infrastructure, Information Technology and Telecommunications Law, Litigation and Commercial Arbitration.

Ekong has broad reform and privatization experience, having previously worked on infrastructure and public sector enterprises reform; advising on privatization in the telecommunications and infrastructure sectors. He has advised governments, public enterprise managers and investors on diverse legal issues, including structuring transactions, facilitating joint ventures and acquisitions.

Grace Oreofe
Oreofe A. Akinkugbe (Grace), BSc, MBA – Founder of Clothing360

Oreofe Akinkugbe is an innovative strategist, an effective project coordinator and a brand experience professional. For over 16 years, Oreofe has nurtured a career in these three roles.

Oreofe has broad ranging experience covering privatization, transaction monitoring and evaluation, market and industry research, project development, planning and implementation, business planning, marketing strategy formulation and marketing planning, customer experience management, brand experience building, and multi-media content production.

She has worked for the Bureau of Public Enterprises, CPCS Transcom and the Royal Bank of Scotland. She has served as an independent consultant with the Niger State Government, Vlisco Netherlands and a number of other organizations in the private sector. For the last 9 years, she has acquired valuable experience in the areas of company startups, corporate restructuring and rebranding, capacity building and empowerment initiatives, as well as specialized organizational change management programs.

Oreofe’s interest and involvement in Nigeria’s Cotton, Textile and Garment (CTG) value chain began over decade ago in 2006. And for the past 12 years, she has been studying the country’s CTG value chain, with a focus on the RMG industry. She has researched the trends and practices in the RMG industry vis-a-vis the experiences of successfully industrialized textile and RMG exporting nations with similar economies. She continues to advocate for Nigeria to adopt the global RMG industry best practices.

In collaboration with a training institute in the country, Oreofe created an innovative initiative in 2012 to build a resource base of skilled manpower in Nigeria’s RMG industry.

Drawing from her in-depth understanding of the structure of and setbacks in Nigeria’s CTG value chain, Oreofe founded Clothing 360 in 2016. Through the organization, she conceptualized a strategy to fast-track and achieve Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) of the nation’s CTG value chain. The strategy will drive large-scale production of cotton, textile and especially RMG in Nigeria for domestic and export markets. The overarching objective of the strategy is to build Nigeria’s comparative and competitive advantage in the CTG value chain; and to contribute to reducing poverty and creating shared prosperity in Nigeria.

Other achievements of Oreofe include developing tailored training contents on customer-centric service and experience delivery. She has coordinated and facilitated several training programs on customer-centric service and experience delivery that appeal to today’s empowered customers. She created an innovative brand experience building program designed to help organizations and entrepreneurs MAKE and KEEP today’s empowered customers and target markets RAVING FANS!

Oreofe holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from University of Abuja. She also holds an MBA with a focus on strategy and marketing from Dundee Business School, Dundee, Scotland.