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Clothing 360 Organization is a nonprofit, non-government organization (NGO) in Nigeria. Clothing 360, as the name denotes, is a complete coverage of everything about clothing production in Nigeria from cotton to retail.

Why We Exist (Our Vision)

At Clothing 360, we believe in possibilities; that a thing will only seem impossible until it is done. As such, we believe Nigeria can become the preferred emerging hub for production and global export of quality affordable Ready-Made Garments (RMG). And we believe we can make this happen.

Our dream is to see “Made in Nigeria” RMG sold in clothing retail stores in Nigeria and across the world, especially in stores of popular multinational retail giants.

Our beliefs and dream are the reasons why our organization exists. Together, they make up our vision. Many may think this vision is overly ambitious. But as Nelson Mandela said: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Our Values

  • Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) – We seek to achieve ISID of Nigeria’s CTG value chain. We believe it is the only type of industrialization that delivers key factors that drive economic growth such as: increased productivity; rapid job creation; enhanced trade capacity and economic competitiveness; diversified export base, greater domestic and export revenue; environmental sustainability; and of course, shared prosperity.
  • Possibility – We believe in possibilities; that a thing only seems impossible until it is done.
  • Ingenuity – We constantly think creatively and seek new ideas and methods in our approach. So, for us, it is not to “think outside the box” but to think without the box”. We chart our own course and learn as we go along.
  • Quality – We strive for quality in all we do; for optimal impacts and outcomes. We deliver pleasant and memorable experiences in all our interactions with stakeholders.
  • Transparency – We are open, honest and always demonstrate high moral principles and discipline in all we do. There will never be a trade-off between our performance and integrity.
  • Patriotism – We love and believe in Nigeria. We believe Nigeria can and should be the preferred emerging hub for production and global export of quality affordable RMG.