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Our overarching objective is to create a linkage within Nigeria's CTG value chain, build the comparative and competitive advantage of the value chain through ISID; and, contribute to reducing poverty and creating shared prosperity in Nigeria. Our other objectives include:

  1. Collaborate with the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (FMITI) to ensure its CTG policy is comprehensive and creates an enabling environment for: local and foreign private sector participation in the value chain; and, ISID of the value chain with robust national outcomes and impacts.
  2. Engage local and foreign stakeholders to stimulate a concerted effort to organize and develop the RMG industry, and by extension the entire value chain.
  3. Bridge the critical knowledge gap in the value chain and underscore the pivotal role of the RMG industry to achieve ISID of the value chain.
  4. Develop and implement innovative initiatives to: boost productivity, build trade capacity and competitiveness particularly in the RMG industry; rapidly create jobs and enterprises; and provide secure livelihoods for poor & low-income households.
  5. Attract, engage, inspire and empower the youth, women, existing and aspiring clothing entrepreneurs, especially in the informal sector of the value chain, to focus on the industrial side of garment making and organized affordable RMG retailing.
  6. Promote FDI and attract local and foreign investors to the value chain.
  7. Advance local and global interest in “Made in Nigeria” quality affordable RMG and nurture the “Quality Made in Nigeria” ideal into a global popular culture.
  8. Contribute to increase domestic and foreign revenue.
  9. Ensure Nigeria’s RMG production is toxic free, labor friendly and that environmental sustainability is a priority in ISID of the value chain.