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Clothing 360 has several initiatives and deliverables that will be implemented under it's focus areas. Some of these are created by the organization while others are in collaboration with other stakeholders, mostly in the private sector.


About The Garment Maker TM Initiative

The Garment MakerTM (TGM) is an innovative Ready-Made Garment (RMG) making initiative. TGM was created for three reasons, which also function as its objectives. These are empowerment, enlightenment and entertainment. The overarching goal of TGM is to create: Clothes (“Made in Nigeria” RMG); Jobs (secure livelihoods); and Wealth (shared prosperity).

TGM initiative is designed to run annually. The pilot edition was held from February through June 2012. Three (3) top participants emerged from it and were supported to launch their careers. The pilot serves as proof of content and viability of the initiative.

TGM initiative is divided into two components to enable it effectively deliver on why it was created. The two components are:
1.1.1 An RMG training and empowerment program.
1.1.2 An enlightenment and entertaining (edutaining) TV content known as TGMTM TV Series.

1.2Target Participants & Audiences
TGM initiative is tailored to least developed, underdeveloped and developing countries. In other words, third world countries. And most of them are in Africa. TGM initiative is tailored to contribute to driving inclusive and sustainable development and creating shared prosperity in these countries – starting with its home country Nigeria.


TGM Initiatives is a copyrighted work of Ilixa Limited. Clothing 360 collaborates with Ilixa to implement TGM annually.

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Clothing 360 has a flagship campaign program – the MBW “Quality Made in Nigeria” ideal campaign. The campaign is currently under development. It is aimed at making the Quality Made in Nigeria ideal into a local and global popular culture.